WHAT IS Bim.Point

Common users do not have a simple intuitive tool to work with BIM.

The work with BIM in available viewers is too demanding and complicated for the user who is not a civil engineer. It is difficult to understand the model structure and the parameters of the individual elements.

The available tools do not enable a clear reading of the model elements data and the recording of the information related to these elements.

The target of Bim.Point is to provide users with a simple, clear and upgradeable-in-future web application to work with BIM as the building operator/user or facility management employee. Secondly, it will be used for the work and site control of the investor of the building.

Who is the user

  • operator/owner of the building who does not have a large professional CAFM system with connection to BIM or whose investment in its purchase is not cost-effective
  • user whose current CAFM cannot work with the BIM data
  • anybody who has at their disposal IFC BIM data and needs to work with them
  • user who misses in their current BIM model viewer a table database access to information
  • user who needs an efficiently simple tool to display only such information from BIM that is useful for them


Bim.Point advantages

  • simple operation
  • clear structure
  • table database access to information
  • targeted at obtaining information from the model
  • complex outline of all model data
  • user´s choice of the manner of parameter view
  • searching, sequencing the data in parameters of elements
  • support of work with attachments
  • Independence of software platform data acquisition, universal data exchange format IFC
  • web cloud on-line access


Try Bim.Point

Would you like to try a demo version? Send us a request for free access.


International conference IFMA CZ

A lot of prestigious conferences will be held in November. And BIM.POINT will be IN!

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